Freeze Light Lux A4 (210*300)

Freeze Light Lux A4 (210*300)


Product description:

Freeze Light - a fascinating way of painting (from 3+ years)
(available in three different sizes A3 - A4 - A5)

The Freeze Light Painting Set is a magical gift that makes children's eyes shine. Surprise your child with impressive light painting too. It promotes the creativity and development of logical thinking in children in a playful and natural way. There are also many interesting opportunities for parents to spend time with their little artists. By using the supplied template, for example, exciting stories can be told. And even shortly before bedtime, when it is already dark outside and the light is out. The drawings shine particularly intensely in the dark. Painting with light brings the child's ideas and imagination to life. This way you can get to know your child even better and communicate with them in a simple way. An ideal toy to support your little ones in fantasizing, dreaming and learning. And maybe in the end you too will be inspired by this fascinating way of drawing.

Extra function: It becomes even more mysterious and magical with the secret pen: the light pen contains a hidden pen. With the invisible ink, secret messages can be printed on normal paper. B. can be left for siblings and friends. The font can only be deciphered using the pen light. With Freeze Light you can let your child's creativity run free anywhere in the house or apartment, without any stains on the wall or furniture.

Fun for the whole family. Your child will not forget this gift anytime soon.

The Freeze Light Painting Set is available in three handy sizes (A3 - A4 - A5), which can be tailored to your needs. Our painting set in A4 is most convenient to use for individual creativity. Since it is very mobile, you can take it anywhere to entertain your children while traveling or simply brighten up an atmosphere. It fits perfectly in a small travel bag.

Product Information:

Freeze Light has received European certification. The painting set contains no heavy metals, phosphorus or radioactive materials.

Freeze Light was developed in Russia and has been awarded various prizes. Sales Maetrica is the only official Freeze Light distributor in Europe.

1.) Product type: Children's toys from 3+ years

2.) Instructions for use and recommendations:

The darker the room, the brighter the drawings appear on the drawing board. The drawings on the drawing board cannot be deleted, but disappear on their own after approx. 15 to 20 minutes. Each new line on the drawing board appears even lighter than the previous one, so you can simply paint over drawings that have not yet faded. The luminosity and clarity of the drawing depends on the pressure and angle of the light pen on the painting surface.


• The painting light should never be aimed directly at the eyes.
• Please only draw on the drawing board with the light pen provided.
• Do not write on the drawing board with the invisible ink. Please use simple drawing paper for this.
• A period of use of 15 to 20 minutes is recommended.
• It is recommended to keep the painting set in a dark place when it is not in use.

If the storage and usage instructions are followed, the durability of the painting set is unlimited.

3.) Scope of delivery:

• Drawing board for drawing
• Illuminated pen for drawing on the drawing board (incl. Secret pen)
• Stencil for drawing


Draw, write, have fun with the light pen and drawing board

• Successful and distinctive gift for children
• Luminous light painting awakens and cultivates the child's creativity and imagination
• Easy handling: light off, light pen on
• Nice work alone or together with the family
• Three different sizes as needed
• Suitable for travel
• EU certificate


    This set of "Freeze Light" is most convenient to use for individual creativity. Since it is very mobile, you can take it anywhere to entertain your children while traveling or simply brighten up any atmosphere. It fits perfectly in a small travel bag.


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